10 Best B2B AI Lead Generation Software for 2024

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By LeadSend
By LeadSend
May 14, 2024
10 Best B2B AI Lead Generation Software for 2024

Key Takeaways

  • AI lead generation software can help companies increase revenue and boost employee productivity.
  • Companies can find the right lead generation software by considering their needs, budget, and plans.
  • LeadSend, a leading AI-first lead generation software, uses AI to automate 90% of manual lead generation tasks.

Finding good leads can be tough. You might spend ages putting together email lists, only to find out they're not very useful. Or you might send lots of emails and get no response. 

But now that things are changing, and thanks to AI, you can make your lead generation much better. Harvard Business Review says AI-generated leads convert 50% better because they're better at finding the right people to talk to. 

This blog is all about the top 10 AI tools that can supercharge your B2B lead generation. By the end, you'll know exactly how to use AI to find the best leads for your business.

The Top 10 AI Lead Generation Software & Tools in 2024

1. LeadSend

LeadSend is an AI-powered lead generation software designed to streamline the process of identifying and connecting with ideal customers. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, LeadSend automates key lead generation tasks such as lead research, email outreach, and lead qualification based on responses.

This automation enables sales teams to concentrate on engaging and closing the most relevant leads, significantly enhancing efficiency and boosting conversion rates. With LeadSend, businesses can optimize their lead generation efforts, ensuring that their sales teams focus on high-value interactions that drive growth and success.

Key Features:

→ Leverages AI to automate and personalize email campaigns for maximum impact. Including features like lead scoring, prospect identification, and content personalization based on recipient data.
→ Offers transparent pricing, allowing you to understand costs upfront.
→ Focuses is on delivering quick results, aiming to get you connected with potential customers faster.
→ Emphasizes a commitment to exclusivity, potentially ensuring your outreach efforts avoid competition within the platform.
→ Caters a variety of industries, offering customizable email campaigns to fit your specific needs.

→ Integrates with popular CRMs, allowing seamless data flow and management of your leads.

→ Provides valuable data and insights derived from your campaigns, helping you refine your outreach strategy for better results.

Pricing: Starts at $499/month

Trusted customers: Beacon, Cornerstone companies, BIG broke insurance company 

Reviews: 4.9/5 

2. Outreach.io

This sales engagement platform leverages AI to automate your tasks, personalize outreach, and measure campaign performance. Empowers sales teams to connect with more leads, have meaningful conversations, and close deals faster.

Key features:

Create personalized email sequences with multi-step follow-ups and intelligent scheduling.

Automate scheduling for calls and demos, eliminating back-and-forth emails.

Ensure consistent messaging and best practices across your sales team.

Receive insights into sales rep performance and identify areas for improvement.

Pricing: Outreach.io offers various pricing plans based on features and user tiers, starting from around $60/user/month (billed annually).

Trusted customers: NewtonX, Snowflake, Cisco.

Review: 4.3/5 (G2) 

3. ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a sales intelligence platform that combines comprehensive B2B contact data with AI-powered tools to identify high-value prospects, streamline outreach, and empower sales teams for success.

Key features:

Find ideal customers based on firmographic, technographic, and demographic filters.

Access accurate and up-to-date contact information for targeted outreach.

Prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert.

Connect with prospects directly from the platform with click-to-dial functionality.

Pricing: ZoomInfo SalesOS offers custom pricing based on features and data needs.

Trusted customers: IBM, Zoom, Deloitte 

Reviews: 4.4/5 (G2)

4. SalesLoft

SalesLoft improves your sales team's productivity and eventually helps accelerate revenue growth. It offers a suite of AI-powered tools for lead generation, outreach, and coaching.

Key features:

Automate multi-channel outreach sequences with emails, calls, and social media touches.

Analyze call recordings to identify coaching opportunities and improve sales rep performance.

Gain insights into sales pipeline health and predict future revenue.

Tailor the platform to fit your specific sales process.

Pricing: Salesloft offers various pricing plans based on features and user tiers, starting from around $45/user/month (billed annually).

Trusted customers: 3M, Shopify, Stripe

Reviews: 4.5/5 (G2)

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is the tool of the world's largest professional networking platform. It leverages the power of LinkedIn's vast user database and AI capabilities to help B2B sales professionals identify high-quality leads, connect with decision-makers, and close more deals.

Key Features:

Utilize powerful filters based on demographics, firmographics, job titles, company size, and industry to find your ideal customers.

Receive daily suggestions for relevant leads based on your saved searches and engagement activity.

Directly message potential customers even if they aren't in your network connections, increasing your outreach potential.

Gain valuable insights into lead profiles, including recent activity, company news, and shared connections.

Organize and track your leads and target accounts for efficient prospecting.

Pricing: LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers various subscription plans, typically starting around $65/user/month (billed annually).

Trusted customers: Microsoft, Adobe, IBM

Reviews: 4.3/5 (G2)

6. Clearbit

This AI-powered B2B data enrichment platform by Hubspot, helps your business identify ideal customers, personalize outreach, and improve marketing and sales ROI. It uses AI to gather and analyze public and private data, providing comprehensive insights into companies and contacts.

Key Features:

Enrich your CRM and marketing automation platform data with firmographic, technographic, and demographic information on companies and contacts.

Identify companies that are actively researching your products or services, allowing you to prioritize high-value prospects.

Ensure you're reaching the right people with accurate and up-to-date email addresses.

Find verified B2B email addresses for website visitors directly within your browser, streamlining prospecting efforts.

Create highly targeted marketing and sales campaigns based on enriched data points.

Pricing: Clearbit offers a free Chrome extension with limited features. Paid plans start around $49/month and scale based on data volume and features needed.

Trusted customers: Contractbook, greenhouse, zenefits

Review: 4.4/5 (G2)

7. Demandbase

Demandbase is an account-based marketing (ABM) platform with artificial intelligence (AI) to help your B2B company, target, and engage with high-value accounts. It goes beyond traditional lead generation by focusing on the entire account, including relevant decision-makers and influencers.

Key Features:

Utilize AI and machine learning to identify ideal customer accounts based on firmographic, technographic, and behavioral data.

Tailor marketing and sales efforts to specific accounts with targeted advertising, personalized content, and multi-channel outreach.

Gain insights into account activity, buying intent signals, and key contacts within target accounts.

Personalize website content, display ads, and email campaigns based on individual accounts and their interests.

Automate and streamline marketing and sales touches across various channels to reach the right people at the right time within target accounts.

Pricing: Demandbase offers custom pricing based on features, data needs, and account size.

Trusted customers: Workday, Procore, workforce software

Review: 4.3/5 (G2)

8. Gong.io

This revenue intelligence platform leverages AI to capture, analyze, and coach all your customer interactions. Gong.io helps sales teams improve customer interactions and close deals. 

Key Features:

Automatically capture and transcribe all customer interactions, including calls, video meetings, and emails.

Gain insights into sales rep performance, identify coaching opportunities based on conversation analysis, and improve communication skills.

Analyze conversation data to identify key buying signals, objections, and areas for improvement within deals.

Understand the reasons behind wins and losses to refine your sales approach and improve win rates.

Empower sales managers to provide real-time coaching and feedback to reps during calls.

Pricing: Gong.io offers various pricing plans based on features and user tiers. Specific pricing information is not publicly available, so you'll need to contact them for a quote.

Trusted customers: Payscale, Zillow, Monday

Review: 4.7/5 (G2)

9. Chorus.ai

Overview: Chorus.ai focuses on deal-centric coaching, analyzing conversations within the context of specific deals to identify areas for improvement and maximize revenue growth.

Key Features:

Capture and transcribe all sales calls, meetings, and demos, allowing for easy review and analysis.

Analyze conversations within the context of specific deals, identifying key buying signals, objections, and opportunities for improvement.

Receive data-driven insights on rep performance, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas for coaching across various skills like questioning, handling objections, and value selling.

Equip sales managers with tools and pre-built coaching playbooks to provide targeted feedback and guidance to reps.

Gain insights into overall pipeline health based on conversation data, allowing for better forecasting and revenue management.

Pricing: Chorus.ai offers custom pricing based on features, data volume, and team size. Contact them directly for a quote.

Trusted customers: AdRoll, Cision, MongoDB Inc

Reviews: 4.5/5 (G2)

10. Seamless.ai

Seamless.AI is a real-time search engine designed specifically for B2B companies to find high-quality leads and generate sales opportunities. Artificial intelligence is here to crawl the web, verify contact data, and build targeted lead lists for your sales and marketing efforts.

Key features:

Find ideal prospects based on various filters like industry, company size, job title, and location.

→ Ensure data accuracy with real-time verification of email addresses and phone numbers.

Build targeted lead lists in minutes by filtering search results and exporting them directly to your CRM.

Stay informed when key contacts change jobs and update your CRM data automatically.

Identify companies actively researching your products or services to prioritize high-value leads (available in Pro and Enterprise plans).

Seamlessly build lead lists and enrich contact data while browsing the web with the convenient Chrome extension.

Pricing: Seamless.AI offers various pricing plans, with a free trial available and then starts at ~$49/month, 500 leads/month, basic features

Trusted customers: LiveIntent, nexvoo, movemedical 

Reviews: 4.2/5 (G2)

5 Tips for Effective AI Lead Generation

Finding the right B2B leads is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But AI is here to be your secret weapon. Here are 5 killer tips to dominate lead generation with the power of AI:

1. Know Your Dream Client: 

Imagine being able to pinpoint your ideal customer profile down to a tee. AI can analyze your existing customer data and market trends to identify your most successful clients' demographics, firmographics, and online behavior patterns. For example: “Marketing managers at tech startups with 10-50 employees.” Targeting high-potential leads in your marketing efforts saves you time and resources.

2. Content that Converts: 

Creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience is crucial for lead generation. AI can be your secret weapon here. It can help you generate targeted content (blog posts, social media messages, email sequences) that speaks directly to your ideal customer persona's needs and interests. AI can suggest relevant topics, keywords, and writing styles to grab attention and drive engagement, ultimately converting casual visitors into qualified leads.

3. See What Works (and What Doesn't): 

Imagine you send out two email campaigns with different subject lines. Traditionally, you might just pick the one with a higher open rate. But AI can track how your campaigns perform in more detail. It analyzes things like click-through rates, website visits, and even conversions. This lets you see which subject line gets clicks, which one leads to website visits, and ultimately which one gets people to buy your product. With this data, you can fine-tune your approach and focus on crafting email campaigns that deliver the best results.

4. Test Like a Pro: 

Let's say you're not sure which headline for your landing page will convert better: "5 Marketing Hacks for Growth" or "Double Your Leads in 30 Days." AI lets you A/B test different options quickly and easily. You can send half your traffic to a landing page with the first headline and the other half to a page with the second headline. AI tracks which page gets more conversions, helping you choose the winning headline every time.

5. Nurture Those Leads: 

It's important to keep leads engaged after they download your content or visit your website to increase sales conversions. AI can personalize email sequences based on a lead's behavior. For instance, someone downloading a white paper on "marketing automation" might receive a nurture sequence with emails about different marketing automation tools. AI can also send timely reminders and segment leads based on their interests. This ensures you nurture them the right way, leading them smoothly down the sales funnel.

How to choose the right AI lead generation software for your B2B business

With so many AI lead generation tools out there, picking the right one can feel overwhelming. So here's a simple checklist to guide your decision:

1. Needs Assessment: 

Before you start exploring, figure out your biggest lead gen challenge. Is it finding the right kind of leads in the first place? Maybe crafting personalized messages that grab attention is your struggle. Or perhaps keeping existing leads engaged is your hurdle. Picking a tool that tackles your specific challenge is key!

2. Features & Functionality:

AI lead generation tools offer a variety of functionalities. Some excel at identifying high-potential leads by analyzing website traffic or social media data. Others specialize in personalization, helping you craft targeted email campaigns or landing pages that speak directly to your ideal customer profile. There are even tools that can automate lead nurturing by sending personalized email sequences based on a lead's behavior and interests. Understanding the different features available will help you choose a tool that solves your specific problem.

3. Budget:

AI lead generation tools come in all price ranges. Consider your budget and choose a tool that offers good value for your money. Many tools offer freemium plans with basic functionalities, allowing you to test-drive the software before committing. As your needs grow, you can upgrade to access more advanced features.

4. Ease of Use:

Don't get stuck with a confusing tool! Choose one that's easy to use and works well with your existing marketing stuff. A clear and simple interface means you can use the AI power quickly, without needing a magic decoder ring.

5. Integrations: 

Make sure your AI tool can connect seamlessly with your CRM (customer relationship management) software or marketing platform. This keeps everything organized and in one place, avoiding information silos (a fancy way of saying data piles). Having everything centralized makes managing your leads a breeze.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect AI lead-generation software to supercharge your B2B sales engine!

FAQ - AI Lead Generation Platforms

What is AI lead generation?

AI lead generation leverages smart machines to automate and improve your B2B lead generation. A software that:

  • Scans the web to find companies using outdated marketing tactics like a competitor still relying on mass email blasts
  • Crafts personalized emails mentioning the company's name, current challenges, and how your marketing automation software solves them 
  • Scores website visitors based on their behavior (e.g., downloading content) to prioritize high-interest leads for sales teams.

This is AI lead generation in action, helping you find and nurture qualified B2B customers.

Can lead generation be automated?

While AI can't completely replace human interaction, it can automate a significant portion of the lead generation process. For example, AI can automatically find and qualify leads, send personalized email sequences, and schedule follow-up calls. This frees up your sales team to focus on closing deals.

How can you leverage AI for B2B lead generation?

By identifying high-quality leads with better fit and intent. By personalizing outreach and messaging for better engagement. By automating tasks to free up sales and marketing teams. And by predicting buyer behavior to target ideal customers.


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